Winter Knitting

Here are photos of what’s come off my knitting needles since finishing the Christmas knitting projects.

Faux möbius cowl knit with Misti alpaca chunky handpaint.

Churchmouse cashmere beret pattern knit with Louisa Harding silk and wool “Grace.”

“Simple Summer Tweed” sweater by Heidi Kirrmeier knit in Cestari Heather Collection cotton and wool blend.

That leaves me with only a scarf, a shawlette, and the endless lace project still in progress. Not to worry – I have my next sweater, a pair of socks, and another shawl already picked out and ready to start.


Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

If you asked for follow-up pictures from my post for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense, here’s one “from above.”

Sweater Beginnings
Sweater Beginnings

I started my first sweater on Friday. I am knitting it “top down” so what you see will become the sweater neck and shoulders.