Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

St. Paul  Sunset
St. Paul Sunset

Weekly Photo Challenge: World Through My Eyes

As a follow-up to the photos of the Cathedral’s scissor arches, here are photos from my stroll around Wells:

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

The Scissors Arch of Wells Cathedral
The Scissor Arches of Wells Cathedral

“The scissor arches, which often visitors believe to be later, modern additions were constructed from 1338-48 as an engineering solution to a very real problem. By 1313 a high tower topped by a lead covered wooden spire had been constructed but as the foundations were not stable large cracks began to appear in the tower structure. In fear of a total collapse, several attempts at internal strengthening and buttressing were made, until the famous ‘scissor arches’ were put in place by master mason William Joy as a final solution.” –Wells Cathedral Website

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

Hailes'Abbey Echo

Hailes Abbey, outside the village of Winchcombe in the Cotswolds, was dissolved by Henry VIII on Christmas Eve in 1539 and soon destroyed. This lawn sculpture was created as a millenium project. The stones show the pattern and placement of the light that once fell from the cathedral’s rose window.