My Creative Sketchbook: Grief and Crows

Yesterday I spent time with a friend who is enduring a great loss. I came home and did this page in my sketchbook. While it won’t make my friend feel any better, my heart was a little lighter after I finished it. 


8 thoughts on “My Creative Sketchbook: Grief and Crows

  1. Janet- beautiful! Have you really enjoyed the Dreaming on Paper sketchbook course from Lisa? I am thinking about purchasing the e-course…but I am a terrible artist, much better at photography! Regardless, something is drawing me towards it….I don’t know if I will have time to do it, but I loved her tag line, “ we approach the blank page is a metaphor for life.” I could probably learn something there.


    1. I was so in love with the Dreaming on Paper course that I immediately signed up for her 8-week Creative+Practice class – which is even more of an impetus to creativity. And I am going to take her live one-day Dreaming on Paper when she teaches it at Catherine’s studio in June. Lisa is very clear that DOP is not about “making art.” She says: “There is a big difference between taking a journey with art supplies and getting an artifact as a result (the image on the page,) and sitting down to “do art,” make a painting, make a nice page in your journal.” You do not have to be able to draw or paint one bit. (The crows on this page are drawn with a stencil.) You can use your own photographs as well as images from magazines and other sources to make sketchbook pages. I am finding more and more carryover from sketchbook to my life. My biggest & latest is that just as my sketchbook is a place of no comparisons and no judgements, I can create other spaces in my life that are places without comparisons and judgements, such as my harp practice, and inside my own head. Take that, Inner Critic! The other thing is that playing with the techniques she teaches in DOP is FUN! Painting sketchbook pages with cheap craft paint and enjoying the colors and textures creates an island of calm and relaxation, where I don’t have to focus on an outcome and don’t have to know what I am doing. I think you would enjoy doing Dreaming on Paper a lot. And you can have a lot of fun in only 10-20 minutes a day.


    1. I am equally blessed! So many friends have lost spouses/partners this past year…sometimes it feels like a giant game of dodge ball. If you can dodge the ball you get to keep your loved one with you. Only the ball is invisible and you can’t see it until you’re hit.


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