Favorite Thing Friday: Introvert Humor

As a card carrying introvert, I totally love this t-shirt posted by C. B. Wentworth. If you have any idea where it can be purchased, please post the info in a comment. You will be adored, quietly of course, by introverts the world over.

C.B. Wentworth

Earlier this week, a friend of mine posted a picture of an awesome t-shirt of my Facebook timeline. She knows I love a good nerd shirt (see last week’s post) and she just had to share a spectacular find.

We’re both introverts, so it’s amazing we ever became friends. And it’s even more amazing that our friendship has continued despite our complete and total social impairment and awkwardness. In many ways, I think our friendship hinges on the fact that we can relate to each other because we share the inability to function in larger groups (or small groups). She gets me and I get her. And boy do we love to laugh about it.

So when this t-shirt popped up on her radar she knew I’d love it. And I do. I want it!


The problem is the picture was not linked. I have no idea where to…

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6 thoughts on “Favorite Thing Friday: Introvert Humor

  1. Oh, I love this! I’d love to get one for grandson Ethan. It is perfect for you, but give it 8 seconds to be sure. Love to you! Shari


  2. I just did a Google search using ‘introverts unite’ and several options for a shirt came up. I’d get one for my hubby a card carrying introvert but he doesn’t wear shirts with writing although he could totally relate to what this shirt says!


    1. Thanks for searching again, Nanci!!! She wasn’t able to find it when she did a search, but I found it at teereps.com. She’ll be excited to find the shirt with that exact graphic. I passed the website info on to her.


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