My Creative Sketchbook: Found Poetry

Week 2 of Dreaming On Paper: The Creative Sketchbook, and Lisa Sonora says that it’s time to play with words. The task is to look through written material for words and phrases that make something inside go “zing” and collect them to use in the journal.

I’ve been collecting words and phrases from magazines, advertisements, and junk mail for years. I have a cigar box full of quotes, phrases, and word clippings.

Sunday afternoon I pulled out an assortment of phrases that caught my attention, and moved them around on one of my painted sketchbook pages. A poem emerged, one that is the perfect sequel to my last post.

Synchronicity strikes again.


6 thoughts on “My Creative Sketchbook: Found Poetry

  1. How lovely to start this day over a hot cuppa and getting caught up on your posts, Janet. This in particular, this “Creative Sketchbook” and found poetry, is absolutely and emotionally delicious!


    1. Thanks, Cheryl! I love the concept of “emotionally delicious.” I am having lots of fun playing without concerns or ideas about outcomes. It’s a perfect balance to music practice!

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