More From France: Cathedrale Saint Maurice, Mirepoix

Just steps away from the hustle and bustle of the Monday market in Mirepoix is the Cathedrale Saint Maurice. Opening the scarred wooden doors, you step into the 14th century. The cathedral is lit by dancing sunlight streaming through stained glass, and by the soft whispers of candles lit in remembrance at the side altars. Simple wooden chairs await the faithful. A broken-winged angel stands watch over the high altar. The labyrinth in the crypt is no longer open to visitors – only a wall plaque notes its presence. And of course, there’s a harp. (All images © Janet Hince 2014.)







5 thoughts on “More From France: Cathedrale Saint Maurice, Mirepoix

    1. This cathedral turned out to be one of my favorite places to photograph-perhaps because of the total absence of artificial light. I felt like I was seeing it as a person from the 1300’s would have seen it, which was way cool. I love stepping back in time, particularly to the medieval period. Glad you liked the images!


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