Eiffel Tower Nightfall

My last night in Paris, I sat at the Eiffel Tower and watched the changing lights until the twinkles turned on at 9:00 pm / 21:00. I took these photos with my aged iPhone4. I hope you enjoy the show.






15 thoughts on “Eiffel Tower Nightfall

  1. Thanks for sharing. The pictures are gorgeous. For those of us who have not seen it in person, this is the next best thing. Lovely.


  2. Isn’t being there sitting on the park grass and seeing the lights turn on just magical! I loved it! I know you’ll be sad to leave. Safe journey home and I look forward to more pics. Loved the harp sighting at Sacre Courer. Sorry the view was smog covered! šŸ˜¦


    1. Paris is just so amazing, Nanci – it’s unlike any other city I know. I don’t think I could ever get tired of it or not want to return. I am so grateful that I was able to spend so much time exploring and enjoying this city that I love. But I was truly ready to come home, too. That’s a good trip in my book!


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