Montmartre Harp Sighting

I returned to Paris and Internet access last evening. Thanks to the Air France pilots’ strike, I had a very long train ride from Toulouse to Gare Montparnasse, and what was supposed to be another day of Paris sight-seeing was limited to what I could see out the windows of the #92 bus back to my apartment.

But this morning I was back in tourist mode. I headed to Montmartre with the hope that I could see all of Paris spread out before me. Alas, Paris is in the middle of a smog alert, and when I looked towards the city all I could see was a dingy gray haze. But all I had to do was turn around to see this carrousel.


Then I joined the throngs of tourists to ride the funicular to Sacré Cœur.



As soon as I left the funicular carriage, I heard harp music. Here’s my harp sighting on the plaza below Sacré Cœur.



This is Hugo and his Paraguayan harp. He’s played at Sacré Cœur for many years, and sells his CDs to people like me who are suckers for busking street musicians, and especially busking harpers. You can see and hear Hugo in this video posted in 2008.

I leave the City of Lights tomorrow morning, and will gratefully sleep in my own bed tomorrow night. I’ll share more photos of my France adventures once the jet lag abates a bit.

À bientôt!


6 thoughts on “Montmartre Harp Sighting

  1. Wow – that’s one beautifully decorated harp! I think I’ve seen his video on Youtube, how funny! My boyfriend and I will be going to Paris in December so we might see him! (If he busks during winter, which probably won’t be the case …)


    1. Paraguayan harps are usually richly decorated. And the tuning pegs being at the top of the harp give it extra “bling.” I hope that Hugo will be playing when you are in Paris.


  2. You were lucky when You saw harp player By the Sacré Cœur. When we visited it in last May we were very close, that we were not robbed. Thanks to one Japanese guy who scared bad guys away!


    1. I was nervous about being in Montmartre by myself, Matti, because of the many stories I heard just like yours. I didn’t do any exploring there. I stayed on the plaza in full view of all the other people there, instead of wandering the streets by myself. I felt safe enough as long as I was in the open with other people around. Glad you escaped from being robbed!


    1. And in Paris the beautiful things are everywhere one looks. Even walking to the pharmacie I found exquisite art deco buildings with beautiful window boxes full of flowers.


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