In the Languedoc

I am in rural southwest France, where internet connections are spotty and signal strength is quite weak. I am unable to upload many images at present. I’ll post more when the internet connection is better. With luck, here is one from Rennes Les Bains, altered with the waterlogue app.



6 thoughts on “In the Languedoc

    1. It is both beautiful and intriguing. The stronger southern light makes colors look ancient and shadows become as interesting as the subjects in my photographs. I am grateful that I get to explore this area of France that I know so little about.


  1. Love it! Just had dinner at a French Bistro in Texas where the owner was from Languedoc. He was so kind and friendly. Of course we had to discuss France and he recommended some good wines to us. How one could leave that area for Dallas is beyond me…but at least he shared a little of France with Dallas. I hope you love your travels through that area. Anxious to hear about it.


    1. The wines here have been beyond compare. I am totally spoiled and may not be able to drink anything else ever again. We go to another village market tomorrow. Should have lots of photo opportunities-and someday I will be able to post them again!


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