A Walk Through Luxembourg Garden

I awoke to another bright, blue-sky day in Paris, a perfect morning for visiting le Jardin du Luxembourg. I am finally getting the hang of Paris buses. I found the right bus stop and the right bus without getting lost and having to accost a stranger with my butchered French to get directions (of which all I can usually understand is “left” and “right”.)

Luxembourg Garden is an immense green space that provides respite for weary Parisians and tourists alike. As I walked through the column of plane trees, I inhaled the aroma of flowers and newly mown grass instead of gasoline and diesel fumes, and listened to birdsong and children on the playground instead of horns and sirens. C’est magnifique! Come see the garden with me. . . . .










6 thoughts on “A Walk Through Luxembourg Garden

  1. Peaceful and lovely and I’m so sorry we didn’t have time to see it when we were there! Your photos show what we missed. I’ve also heard but didn’t have time to visit, that the Île Saint-Louis is a nice respite and lovely neighborhoods that get you away from the bustle of Paris. It’s connected by a bridge to the Île de la Cité. Have you been there? Trip Advisor gives it lots of positive reviews.


    1. Île Saint-Louis gets tourist overflow from Notre Dame and tour busses-at least that is what happened when I was there. I’ll send you a pic in an email. We had a delightful lunch there. And when you cross the bridge to Île de la Cité you come upon a beautiful garden behind Notre Dame. The roses there were spectacular! I’m glad you enjoyed the trip through the Luxembourg Gardens!


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