Walking Through Monet’s Garden

I was exposed to lots of music as a child thanks to my dad’s collection of phonograph records, and singing in school and choir. But I did not have much exposure to art and artists until college, when an art appreciation course my freshman year introduced me to the Impressionists and Claude Monet.
That year was pretty rough for me, and I often didn’t know why I should bother to keep one foot moving in front of the other. Then I saw a slide of Monet’s painting of his Japanese bridge. I knew that being in a world that contained such beauty was reason enough to keep going. I’ve wanted to go to Giverny to see the Japanese bridge and the water lily pond ever since seeing that projected image of Monet’s painting.
And today, I made it there!
The lily pond:




Monet’s house:

Behind the scenes:




10 thoughts on “Walking Through Monet’s Garden

  1. Thank you so very very much, Janet for taking us along on your walk! Absolutely beautiful images here. Claude Monet is my (painterly) inspiration. My favourite is “Impression, Sunrise”, which is touted to mark the beginning of the Impressionist Movement … a print hangs in my studio.


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the walk. I was amazed by the lily pond. In just the few hours I was there, I could see how the changing angles and intensity of the light created a new scene every few seconds. I think that the lily pond taught Monet the basis of Impressionism, and he had the genius to translate what he saw to paint on canvas. Seeing the pond really made seeing the water lily panels at the Musée de L’Orangerie so much more meaningful.

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  2. Magical. And so neat to have accomplished a heart’s desire from long ago, and to find that desire still worthwhile.


  3. Fantastic! You’re having a grand old time!! I’m loving your Paris blog time!!!! Are you hooking up with Catherine for her Paris Adventure? Let’s get together after you’ve come home. Relax and then I’m ready for some show and tell! Cathy, (djembe drum partner). 🙂


    1. Yes, I am joining Catherine in Carcassonne next week, for the next part of my adventure in France. I’d love to see you when I get home. Fair warning though: I already have over 300 images on my iPad and I’ve only been here three days!


      1. I’m up for it! LOL I’m so excited for you! You already seem to be having the time of your life! And, time with Catherine, is always a treat! You ladies have fun!!!!


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