Singing For the Cure

We had a sell-out concert last night: 1020 seats filled, and over $25,000 raised for Susan G. Komen. Nothing in the rehearsals prepared me for the energy of our performance. I was still awake at 3:00 a.m., still riding the waves created by our sea of voices. We rocked the house.

Lying awake this morning, I thought about cancer, thought about the fear and pain and despair that cancer creates. Cancer takes away our loves, steals our hopes, trashes our plans, turns our dreams into nightmares. But cancer also gives us gifts, if we can face our fears and look it in the face.

Cancer forces us to know our mortality. Our lives, and the lives of our loved ones are suddenly finite, and more precious. Everyday becomes a gift. Every moment can be alight with hidden treasure – cancer reminds us to look for it. Each breath becomes a gift of presence, in the present.

Cancer, by blocking our chosen paths, makes us gather our courage and take new ones. Cancer made me see that the man I loved and planned to marry was not for me. Cancer invited me to step into a new life, a life free of others’ plans and expectations. Two years after my diagnosis I met the love of my life. This year we celebrate 38 years together.

Cancer inspires artists and writers, composers and musicians, to create and express beauty and meaning in a world that often seems short of both. Sing For the Cure is but one example.

And cancer creates community and connection, inspires reaching across the distances and differences that we think divide us. Last night, every singer remembered the dear ones who are gone from our loving embrace. Every singer celebrated the survival of friends, family, and ourselves. Every singer gave life to the hope and determination that cancer will be defeated, and promised that together we will look fearlessly towards our future, with one glorious voice.


8 thoughts on “Singing For the Cure

  1. So proud of you for letting your beautiful voice be heard in so many ways. The concert was powerful and uplifting. Thank you for all you do!!!


    1. It was a wonderful experience, and gave me more back than anything I expended. I feel so grateful that I got to be a part of it. I am so happy that you came and that you felt all the energy and meaning along with me,


  2. That is wonderful Janet. Being a part of that concert fundraiser had to be inspirational for you and empowering. Also had to sit well with your soul and perhaps assuage the loss of your soul friend. Be well.


    1. It was inspirational, empowering, moving, and also just great fun. Singing with that many voices is such a rush, and singing such meaningful songs was indeed balm for my battered spirit, and helped fill the places in my heart that have felt so empty since Ruth Ann died. I was blessed with much healing all around.


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