The Cat Fairy Finds Me Again

Some of you may be so fortunate as to have never been visited by the Cat Fairy. You may not have even heard of her. The Cat Fairy skulks about, looking for unsuspecting soft-hearted cat lovers. You may not even consider yourself a cat lover. No matter. When the Cat Fairy finds someone who she determines is worthy of her gifts, she leaves a cat or kitten on the doorstep. The Cat Fairy will not be denied. When she determines that you must have a cat, then YOU WILL HAVE ONE!

I’ve been regularly blessed by the Cat Fairy. Her first visit was 40 years ago. One rainy night I let one cat outside, and ten minutes later two cats came back in. Audrey and I were together for 17 years.

Ruby, my first cairn terrier, and I were on our morning walk when we heard a tiny “mew” from the overgrown drainage ditch on the side of the road. Ruby loved cats and had one of her very own, so I knew she would not hurt whoever was calling to us. I let her off her leash and asked her to find it. Minutes later she emerged from the high grass delicately carrying four-week-old Arrow by the scruff of her neck. That began another 17 year cat-human cohabitation.

I cannot escape the Cat Fairy no matter where I travel. Sixteen years ago I pulled up to the rental cabin at Hunting Island State Park, and Willow was waiting on the steps to the screened porch. I swear she said, “What took you so long?” As we opened the door she sauntered inside, walked to my bedroom, hopped onto the bed and fell asleep. She’s slept on my bed every night since.

Willow was my last present from the Cat Fairy. It’s been so long since CF visited I thought that I might finally be off her list. And after figuring out that I’ve been cleaning cat litter boxes every night for 42 years, I was ready for my current cat crop to be my last.

Woe be to anyone who thinks that the Cat Fairy will at last pass them by. Here’s what she left on my front porch for my birthday:


Let me introduce Scout, all whopping two pounds of her. She let me get close enough to pick her up yesterday. Off we went to the vet, where she was pronounced female and feline leukemia / AIDS negative. So begins her new life as an inside cat with the other two felines already in residence.

Willow and Murphy are totally disgusted. (I am amazed at the sounds they can make to voice their displeasure.) Charley is cautiously curious, having previously met kitten claws. I am totally smitten. This new little life is gladdening places in my heart that have felt only sadness since losing Ruth Ann.

Scout thinks it’s time for my bath. My left hand is under attack by a sandpaper kitten tongue. Oops, now it’s my toes. Gotta go!


10 thoughts on “The Cat Fairy Finds Me Again

  1. Oh Janet, I am so happy for you, for all of you. The cat is fairy is not only wonderful but wise and she sure choose the bestest human companion for adorable Scout. Great name; Scout. Inspired by “To kill a mockingbird” perhaps?)


    1. Thank you, Nancy! I think that may have been the initial inspiration many years ago. I saw her and knew that her name was Scout. It’s been 13 years since I had a kitten. I am enchanted, even with her nursing my earlobe at 5:30 this morning!


  2. I too think that cats find us, not the other way around. I have been sent many a cat by the Cat Fairy and everyone was sent for a specific reason. I’m sure little Scout was too. What a darling little kitty he is too! So glad he found you…what a neat story.


    1. I agree, Nanci. This little one is bringing so many giggles and so much happiness with her. My spirits are being restored by her antics and loving presence.


  3. Scout has been sent to you by Ruth Ann I think. It’s her gift to help you feel less sad. A very special cat fairy delivery for you!
    Hugs from Sydney,


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