Winter Knitting

Here are photos of what’s come off my knitting needles since finishing the Christmas knitting projects.

Faux möbius cowl knit with Misti alpaca chunky handpaint.

Churchmouse cashmere beret pattern knit with Louisa Harding silk and wool “Grace.”

“Simple Summer Tweed” sweater by Heidi Kirrmeier knit in Cestari Heather Collection cotton and wool blend.

That leaves me with only a scarf, a shawlette, and the endless lace project still in progress. Not to worry – I have my next sweater, a pair of socks, and another shawl already picked out and ready to start.


14 thoughts on “Winter Knitting

  1. Very nice Janet! You sure are talented….and you seem to have fallen out of my reader because I haven’t been getting your posts. I shall endeavor to pay more attention. I have been distracted but Spring is on it’s way and hopefully that will bring me back to Earth.

    I hope you are well my friend. 🙂


    1. Yes, spring and daylight are returning, and with that, many more of our brain cells will return as well. I’ve had the same problem with blogs falling out of my reader. Wish I knew what makes that happen.


  2. I am loving everything! Beautiful colors on the cowl and I love the simplicity of the sweater. I’m busy making a sweater right now, even though its 80 degrees outside. Maybe, it’s wishful thinking! 🙂


    1. Thanks, C.B. I’m enjoying wearing the sweater. Very comfortable and unfussy, and not too hot since it is mostly cotton. I can see making another one. I hope you will have a chance to wear yours.


    1. There are back and forth rows when you start that require a row of purls to create the stockinette stitch, until you get to the bottom of the v-neck and can join to knit in the round. Then it’s knit stitches/garter all the way! It’ sane easy knit once you decipher the pattern. I had to write the pattern out row-by-row to understand when to do the raglan increases. That was way harder than the actual knitting.


    1. Thanks, Cathy! I am still learning my way around a pair of knitting needles. Every project teaches me something new. I don’t think I’ll be teaching any time soon! but I’m pleased with what I’ve made and what I’ve learned so far. Happy New Year to you, too!


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