50 Shades Of Gratitude

Every night I write at least three things from my day for which I am grateful, and say my favorite prayer: “Thank you.”

In honor of Thanksgiving, here are 50 things from this year’s gratitude journal.  I am grateful for:

  1. Being strong and healthy enough to enjoy my life.
  2. Being safe, warm and dry on a day with flooding rain.
  3. After days of rain and gray clouds, the surprise appearance of the sun.
  4. The continued presence of old friends in my life.
  5. The surprise and delight of new friendships.
  6. My acupuncturist/massage therapist who keeps the worst of the fibromyalgia at bay.
  7. My chiropractor who makes headaches go away.
  8. My yoga teacher and the community that is my yoga class.
  9. My harp teacher’s deep listening, patience and encouragement.
  10. My recorder teacher’s support and encouragement to play stuff that too hard for me to learn alone.
  11. Catherine’s ongoing presence in my life and support of all my creative adventures.
  12. Debbie’s patience and generosity in teaching me how to knit.
  13. My mechanic who figures out all my old car’s problems and keeps it running.
  14. Being welcomed by and sharing laughter with my knitting group every Wednesday.
  15. Being able to afford what I need.
  16. White beans and kale.
  17. My harp teacher saying I did good work.
  18. Time to practice.
  19. A sweet note from a music friend saying that she values my friendship.
  20. New warm mittens.
  21. Cherry trees flowering in billowing clouds of pink.
  22. Thunder snow.
  23. Such understanding and supportive blog comments about crashing and burning with sight-reading.
  24. Sharing music and life with my harp friends.
  25. The kindness and friendliness of the nurse giving me my allergy shot.
  26. Staying calm and centered during Consort rehearsal.
  27. Lima beans and rice.
  28. A chance to sing.
  29. New pants that fit.
  30. The gift of a place to stay at the beach.
  31. The sight, sound, and smell of the ocean.
  32. Seeing my friends in the audience at the harp concert.
  33. A sky blue pink sunset.
  34. A soft green world on my morning walk.
  35. Letting go of judging how I played today.
  36. Hyacinths, wisteria and tulips.
  37. A morning warm enough to sit on the patio and write.
  38. The joy of making music with the recorder ensemble and early music consort.
  39. The smell of jasmine.
  40. The feeling of air caressing the back of my neck when I am driving with the windows down.
  41. A clean house, and sweet Allison who makes that happen.
  42. Soft rain reminding me of Ireland.
  43. Playing at the Hospice Remembrance Service without fear.
  44. Hawk surveying the world sitting on the tree limb outside my back door.
  45. Being welcomed by the nurses and staff when I roll my harp into the hospice unit.
  46. The smell of magnolias.
  47. First blueberries and peaches.
  48. Being welcomed by my favorite farmers at the Saturday market.
  49. Two cardinals feeding each other.
  50. Crape myrtle flower petals drifting through the air like snow.

Happy Thanksgiving!


11 thoughts on “50 Shades Of Gratitude

    1. Thanks, Cheryl! I hope your Canadian Thanksgiving was equally wonderful. My head and heart are healthier the more I stay in touch with all the big and little things I am grateful for.


      1. I was grateful this afternoon that I was well and strong enough to get outside and shovel some snow … nothing like a snow storm to draw you out doors!


  1. I smiled and sometimes nodded in agreement with your list of thanks-living. It reminded me to begin again the habit of a gratitude list. I think essential now that I’m moving my father to my home town. Your life sounds full and going the way you intend it to go. So glad you write your blog. namaste


    1. Thanks, Nanci! I am glad and honored that you read my blog! For me, rough times are when I really have to be deliberate about focusing on gratitude. I hope your father’s move will work out in the best possible ways for both of you.


  2. You know that place in The Wizard of Oz when she opens the door and it goes from black and white to technicolor? Reading your blog, your year of gratefuls, it seems to me that that’s what’s happened to you. Your life has become enriched by so many new friends and activities, your health has blossomed….I feel like you’re a kite and I’m holding the string just watching you play and dance high in the sky. I’m grateful for your joy and good health. Carry on.

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