Out of Phase with the Time Stream

There’s an oft used plot device in Star Trek: The Next Generation, where the transporter malfunctions, and the crew member appears to have disappeared, with his component molecules lost forever. The person is actually safely back on board The Enterprise, but cannot be seen or heard due to being out of phase with the ship’s time stream.

That’s pretty much how I experienced September. I am out of phase. I’ve lost my groove. I can’t latch on to the beat. The world is spinning along, and I’m half a revolution behind.

This semester is almost half-way over, and I still haven’t found its rhythm.  Finding time to practice challenges me as never before. The repertoire I’m learning doesn’t seem that much harder, but I get so much less of it worked on in each practice session. I’m doing the same activities as last semester, harp lessons and harp ensemble, recorder ensemble and early music consort, but they all seem to take so much more time. Perhaps it’s that I am moving so much slower in this alternate time stream that I can’t manage to squeeze it all in. Or perhaps it’s that in my little corner of the time-space continuum, the days are significantly shorter than 24 hours, and there really isn’t enough time for it all.

Blogging took a big hit in this alternate reality. I can’t remember the last time I responded to a comment, read a blog, or wrote a post. I think it was in that long ago month of August, sometime before the time stream shifted. I’ve not been writing outside of the blog, either. Whatever scrambled my component molecules turned the writing switch to ‘off.” In this reality, it’s hard to make words make sense, hard to find mental space for new input, hard to find clear thoughts to share with others.

So writing this post, on the first day of this new month, is me beginning again. Beginning writing. Beginning blogging. Beginning reading all the posts I’ve missed. Beginning saying, “Hey, I’m back. I’ve missed you. I still care.”  Look for my comment on your blog, soon.

9 thoughts on “Out of Phase with the Time Stream

  1. I am calling this past summer “the lost summer” for me…lots of crisis management and time eaten up by “parental unit” stuff. So I totally get what you are saying..my practice time took a huge hit also and lost a bit of its draw for me. Glad you are back and look forward to you getting your groove back! 🙂


  2. Hey Janet!!!! So good to see you back! I was wondering…we all have these out of phase times. Life like a river ebbs and flows, and am so glad you are flowing back. You have been missed my friend. 😀


    1. Thank you, Nancy. I’ve missed you too. My blog world connection with you makes my life better. I hope life is beginning to flow again, or that I manage the stuck places a little more gracefully.


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