Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow


It’s the height of summer. Yet amidst the heat and humidity, the turning wheel approaches autumn.

Already shadows are longer. Already the quality of morning and evening light is softer and more golden. Already a scrub maple beside the market parking lot is crimson. Already the day lily foliage yellows, and chipmunks search for first acorns.

While we humans celebrate summer’s glory, those closer to the earth and the seasons prepare.


8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

  1. I have always been torn about my feelings at this time of the year. While I am reluctant to see summer go (it seems so short) I must admit that I am looking forward to Autumn which is a lovely time of year….and a good time for wearing new and colorful socks I may add. 😉


    1. This summer has been practically non-existent here. There’s been one day that rain and thunderstorms abated enough to go swimming, all summer. Fall is always my favorite season, and one reason is that it brings relief from summer. But there’s nothing to be relieved this year. Saturday our high was 68. That is unheard of for August. Very, very strange.


      1. Wow, strange days indeed… Being where I am (Oregon) and thinking of you being in the South. I would imagine that you would be sweltering right now. I must admit I am jealous of your rain. Please send some this way! I would LOVE that.


  2. Fall is coming already? Here we have been lucky because we have had and also today we enjoy Indian summer. For example yesterday we had 26ºC / 78.8ºF. It is nice temperature here in August.


    1. This has been a very strange year for weather, Matti. Last year it was 105 degrees Fahrenheit from late August well into September. Today it was barely 75 degrees. Trees are already shedding their leaves. It seems that we are getting an early and unseasonable fall this year. Perhaps we will have a lovely Indian Summer next month!


    1. Today my maple tree also has red leaves. The season change is moving fast this year. I hope that you will have enough rain and temperature relief to be able to wear your sweater!


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