How Does it Feel to be one of the Beautiful People? Reblogged from My Life In Color

One of my favorite bloggers, Strawberry Indigo, wrote this post that is the perfect follow up to the video about real beauty that I reblogged recently. Enjoy, and drop by her blog for more thought provoking writing.

Life Is Color

Airbrushed models stare back with empty looks as I thumb through one of today’s popular magazines. It is chock full of these empty-eyed ones selling this and that. Their long glossy hair and oh much too white neon teeth prompt me to remember to jot down Crest White Strips when I make out my weekly shopping list; something I have yet to try but am beginning to feel bad that I haven’t.

I don’t normally look at these types of magazines. I am more of a National Geographic type but my co-worker had it lying on her desk and I admit I was a bit curious so I asked to take a peek.  I instantly felt bad; too short, too fat and definitely too old. A photo of a 71-year-old actress with no visible wrinkles tells me this.  She looks on top of the world and I …well…I look dumpy.

I’m definitely not sporting the new “it” color which is…

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2 thoughts on “How Does it Feel to be one of the Beautiful People? Reblogged from My Life In Color

  1. Do men read Vogue … because these images would only make women laugh at those vacant faces or howl at how young the models are … so far removed from real beauty.


    1. It scares me to think how young girls and women are influenced by the “ideals” of beauty presented in media. It takes a while to get to our place of seeing what a crock it all is, and how it is all designed to get us to buy something.


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