You Are More Beautiful Than You Think Reblogged from: Baddest Mother Ever

I don’t do Facebook so didn’t see this video that is making the rounds. Lucky for me, my favorite new blogger, Baddest Mother Ever, posted it today.

It is such a revelation to see oneself through another’s eyes, through eyes unimpaired by the filters that block us from seeing our true selves and our true beauty.

And the video reminds me that it is also a revelation to hear myself play music through another’s ears, to allow myself to listen to the beauty they hear, when what I hear are the mistakes.

You Are More Beautiful Than You Think | Baddest Mother Ever.

7 thoughts on “You Are More Beautiful Than You Think Reblogged from: Baddest Mother Ever

  1. I am not a musician so I can’t gauge how common these “mistakes” are in performance…but it makes me want to ask you: If you made five mistakes in a concert, how many notes did you play right? Thousands?


  2. Thank you for posting this, Janet. I just saw the video earlier today and was amazed that women past their teens are struggling with such self-criticism of their appearance. It reminded me of hearing a tape of a concert I played, in my twenties, and noticing only that I had made five mistakes. When I heard it months later, I realized it was really a good performance, and that those five mistakes were nothing.


    1. It seems that no matter the arena, we all to easily assume the role of our own worst critic. If we could only be taught compassion for our tender selves at a young age, in place of being taught how to judge and criticize.


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