Weekly Photo Challenge: Home


This handmade cherry and walnut Windsor chair is my harp bench. The chair was designed for a cellist but works perfectly for playing the harp. It was custom made to fit my leg and back lengths by “Michael the Chairmaker” in eastern North Carolina.

Sitting on this chair, with my harp pulled back on my shoulder, is where I feel the most at home.


12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

    1. I can see a piano stool working if you can adjust it to fit your height. I used a keyboard bench for a while, but the adjustments left me either an inch too low or an inch too tall. It is wonderful having a seat that fits perfectly.


    1. And sitting in it while playing feels just as wonderful as it looks. I can play for hours without noticing the time has passed, so much so that I have to set a timer to remind me to stand up and stretch.


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