December Beach Sojourn

My soul needs the sights and sounds and smells of salt water, no matter that it is December and the wind blows cold off the Atlantic. No matter that instead of summer’s warmth, the water is now a chilly 58 degrees. My feet need to feel waves breaking on top of them and sand being sucked out from beneath them by the retreating water. My feet know that there is but one ocean circling the earth. The names of the oceans are but conventions invented and assigned by human beings. Today my feet touch sardine fishermen in the Mediterranean, polar bears swimming in the Arctic Ocean, and baby sea turtles rafting in the Sargasso Sea. This water laps the shores of western Ireland and circles the Antarctic continent. The songs of humpback whales tickle my toes. Entering these rifling waves with my bare feet should be a sacrament.


13 thoughts on “December Beach Sojourn

  1. I love the way you write. You inject such wonderful imagery in your words…I especially like the part about the whalesong tickling your toes….what a deep soul you have. I’m so glad to know you!


    1. Thank you, Nancy. I think I do my best writing when I am at the ocean – I am the most open to listening to the hidden worlds when I am there. I is lovely for me to write something like that and be understood, instead of thought to be nuts. I am glad I know you, too!


  2. Your voice is music, Janet. I feel a similar connection to the fresh water inland lake where I will be living full time next year. My soul soars and sings (off key but who cares) when I am there.


  3. Awesome set of photos. I love most of all on the top on left side cloud photo. I stared it admiring for a long time. We have real winter with cold and snow in Finland.

    Thank You liking my newest post. I have no explanation to it why nobody could leave comment. It is a mystery to me.

    I am still working by my Mobile broadband modem for my connection. I have been promised to get operational connection to our new home in December on Friday the 14th, 2012.Let’s hope that they keep their promise. Happily I made many posts ready for publication, because I expected something like this problem. My Internet connection is giving me more gray hair, gray although they are white grey already.


    1. Thank you, Matti. Our December is so very different from what you have in Finland. The depth of snow in your post when you went to light candles at the cemetery was amazing. I hope your internet connection is all fixed now!


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