Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

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11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

  1. Impressive Janet. I have always admired musicans. How anyone can read that and make beautiful music from it is beyond me…another one of your special qualities, of which you have many.
    Great idea for the challenge.


    1. I am just as surprised that I can do it – read and play the music, that is. Most of my life I thought I would always have to already know how a tune sounds to be able to play it – I could only play by ear. But the last eight years of practice and persistence and patient teachers opened the world of written music for me. And it is wonderful to be able to play music that I never heard before.


  2. Beautiful. I was curious to hear it searched thru YouTube and did find one played with a harp! Maybe someday, we can listen to it, played by You, I hope.


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