Entering The After Life

My words have been frozen since writing about John’s memorial service, which was four weeks ago today. I’ve been living in some alternative time stream, where my body and my thoughts move slowly and the simplest tasks take longer than seems possible to complete. Writing a blog post has been like poling an unwieldy craft upstream against the current – lots of effort with little ground gained. I end up no closer to shore than when I started.

Finally the ice is melting. After two weeks of travel and new sights, I am moving from the shock and disbelief that John is gone, to the after life, the life that will be lived despite being irreparably changed by loss.

The life that is mine to live includes writing. Tonight the writing is nothing special or profound. It is reclaiming the act of putting fingers to the keyboard, watching the words appear on the screen, because this is how I live. This is what I do.


8 thoughts on “Entering The After Life

  1. Hi Janet: Hey friend….I’m sending you some warm fuzzies across the blogosphere. I don’t need to tell you that it gets better…you already know that. Thanks for the writing…keep it up…we need you around here… I will be thinking of you.


  2. …………… and this is who you are -a person who has the courage to risk this kind of grief in order to know the mountaintops of love, respect and honor that comes from sharing the music.


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