Evening Walks Are Different

Evening walks are different from morning walks. The light hits flower beds and shrubbery that in the morning are still in shadow, giving me new landscapes to enjoy. People who in the morning are still in bed or already off to work are in their yards, waving and shouting greetings as I pass by. The evening breeze requires no jacket or long pants in order for me to be comfortable. My arms and legs feel caressed by the soft, warm air, as I walk dressed in shorts and a tee-shirt. The sun-warmed earth releases aromas of dark loam and green grass, along with the surprising, odd smell of a fishing pier at the beach. I guess someone fertilized with fish emulsion today. The scent of newly bloomed magnolias lingers in this heavier evening air, reminding me of what heaven must smell like. There is a sweetness that lingers. The day is almost done. The morning’s projects and concerns are either completed or left for another day. There is nothing to do but leisurely stroll through my neighborhood with Charley, enjoying the gifts of the evening.


6 thoughts on “Evening Walks Are Different

  1. All that You wrote sounds so beautiful.

    We are morning people and then all the birds have their own song “contest”. After night the air is full of scents of the night. No wind, because it is still sleeping and sun’s firs rays start to warm skin nicely. Squirrels and rabbits enjoy breakfast. It is time to feel the smell of freshly brewed coffee and to feel how the hot coffee caresses the throat in the first sip.

    Happy Sunday!


    1. Like you, I am usually up early and walking in the morning. I love hearing the birds start their singing as the sky lightens. And I also love that first sip of coffee! Your description of morning paints a beautiful picture and is quite poetic.


  2. Beautiful imagery. it was almost like I was there. You are so right, the time of day does make quite a difference. Evening walks make me feel kind of cozy, watching people coming home, lights coming on, the smells of dinner being prepared and the warm glow of a thousand tv screens.


    1. Especially in winter, I love walking in the evening by houses with lights on, with shadows of their movements falling on the window shades. Don’t know why that makes me feel warm and cozy, but it does.


  3. This is so true. At least three times a week, I see the day from both ends. I walk to work as the sun comes up and I go for a run/walk along the same path as the sun sets – all within the same day. Everything looks different and I love how it makes me consider my surroundings.


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