Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

I’m late with last week’s “two subject” challenge – it’s crunch time for practice and concerts. I left my harps one in front of the other after playing yesterday. I liked the patterns of the strings crossing and the smaller harp framed by the larger one.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

    1. That’s the Timothy replacement. It’s a Highland Harp, based on the Rubarth Merlittle. It has the same string spacing as our Merlin’s, which means I can actually play it! The sound is really rich for a small harp.


  1. Although You explained very well what to see in Your lovely photo, I did not “opened” to me easily. The close-up is interesting and it reminded somehow me from Finnish Kantele which I have so close.


    1. The strings do look much like the strings of the kantele in the video you first sent me. I liked the abstract arrangement of strings that made it a bit of a puzzle to know what it was.


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