Daylilies Give Me Reason To Believe


Last summer I spent many heat-indexed, ozone-alerted days digging out and dividing all my Stella d’Oro daylilies. They’d entered that phase of daylily life where they produced many leaves but few flowers. It was time to wrest them from the sun-baked ground and chop their root balls into pieces, making sure that each small root blob still had a couple of leaves attached to help it grow and recover. I planted a double row of these thin shoots beside the walk to my front door.

This morning the first flush of gold blossoms greeted me as Charley and I left for our walk.

The daylilies are a lesson in believing: From the tiniest pieces of root and leaf, planted with care and attention months ago, grow full, vibrant plants filled with buds, filled with the promise of flowers for months to come. From the slimmest of shoots, comes abundant, radiant beauty.


10 thoughts on “Daylilies Give Me Reason To Believe

  1. They are gorgeous as Your lovely photo. We never had that species, but several colorful species of lilies. My wife had to dig up them and destroy all due to Scarlet lily beetles. This happened maybe about 15 years ago before digital cameras. So no photos.


    1. Thank you! I’m glad that we do not seem to have the terrible beetles. I would hate having to get rid of all my lilies. Luckily these particular day lilies take heat, cold, too wet, too dry and insects all in stride!


  2. Most of what I attempt to grow that survives does so despite me. You’ve just taught me much about daylilies, and I BELIEVE I would love to have some in my ‘Darwinian Garden’!


    1. I love the concept of the Darwinian Garden – and yes, daylilies will be your friends! Despite ongoing neglect, except for digging them up and chopping them into small pieces every few years, they thrive and look beautiful, unlike the chickweed which just thrives.


  3. Lovely photos! Daylilies are some of my favorite flowers. When I started my garden 10 years ago all I had was a double lot full of tall weeds, some over my head and a patch of beautiful orange daylilies, the daylillies remain.


    1. I appreciate that daylilies thrive on neglect, and take anything the weather dished out, and still are beautiful. I started with 6 plants 16 years ago. Now I have close to 50!


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