Disconnected and Disjointed From Being Off-Line

My internet service went belly up on Friday, due to some combination of bad modem, weak signal on the main line and a newly fried cable from the main line to my house. The repair man thought maybe lightning did it. But then a friend told me, “Oh, that’s what they always say when it goes out.”

I’d not pictured myself as someone who would be disturbed by not being able to get on-line. My big surprise was finding out how disjointed and cut off I felt from not being able to connect to my blog and my fellow bloggers.

The blogs that I follow remind me daily of the amazing creativity and caring that exists in the world – a stark contrast to what is presented in mainstream media. And the people who follow and comment on my blog help me to believe in my own creativity and give me such support as I journey to the places where Music lives. Not having these daily connections made me feel so much more isolated and alone on this path.

My connection was finally restored at 9:00 last night. It took me a couple of hours to read all the posts I’d missed, leave comments, and read the “likes” and comments left on my posts. By the end of the night, when I’d read all the wonderful posts, caught up on all the incredibly beautiful photographs, and replied to the comments that awaited me, I felt stitched back into this community of creative souls, and grateful to have a place here that feels like home.

8 thoughts on “Disconnected and Disjointed From Being Off-Line

  1. Glad you’re back! I hate that feeling of being disconnected! Like you, I find so much inspiration from the blogosphere community. Its just not a complete day until I’ve visited my core list of bloggers. 🙂


  2. I’ve experienced this but only for a couple of hours at a stretch, and that was frazzling enough. Imagine my trauma when I drop-kicked my laptop in the icy drive (5:00 am) as I packed the car to head south last year. It never booted up again. I was on the road for 2 days and felt the disconnect deeply. Took me a few more days once in Florida to get a new laptop shipped down and have the data on the ice-damaged laptop pulled off to an independent hard drive.


  3. I know what you mean. I never thought I would find such a friendly and interesting community here. Glad you are part of the group 🙂 Judy


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