Who Has A Recipe For Chickweed?

I’m back from a visit to my chiropractor, which is the end result of three days of removing chickweed and henbit from my vegetable garden. If chickweed were edible, I could end world hunger with what I pulled up these last three days. I just need a good recipe!

All the winter weeds flourished mightily this year. We’ve not had any weather cold enough to stymie their growth. Instead, we’ve had plenty of rain that stymied this gardener from getting into the garden and heading off the weeds’ rampant takeover of every garden bed.

Finally I can see dirt where there was verdant green, weedy carpet. The pea seeds are nestled in their trench. The bolting five-foot tall dinosaur kale plants that fed me all summer and winter are dispatched to the compost bin. The first rabbit of spring fled the yard when Charley and I went out for her bedtime walk last night. Soon I’ll be finding my spading fork in the dark reaches of the shed, and turning over the cover crop on last year’s tomato beds. And then scheduling another chiropractor visit.

Gardening – good for the soul, but just a little hard on the body.

5 thoughts on “Who Has A Recipe For Chickweed?

  1. When You said: “Gardening – good for the soul”. To crouch in garden is indeed hard as You said also. My wife loves garden and I help her in those things which are too “heavy” for her.


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