Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

Cong Window

One of my most favorite windows, in a cottage in Cong, Co. Mayo, Ireland.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

  1. Don’t tell me you’ve been to Cong? I’ve been there too! Loved that little village. Really neat little window..love that green and the geraniums.


    1. Yes, I’ve been to Cong – twice! In 2004 I did a bicycle tour in Ireland and Cong was one of the places we biked to and stayed. Just to believe I did it, biked that is, I drove back for a visit when I was in Ireland in 2009. I love that little place. The abbey ruins, Ashford Castle, the river through town, the Quiet Man cottage. So sweet. This window is in the rectors house – the rector for the Church of England, that is. It’s a tiny cottage. I was enchanted by the green and by the geraniums in the sunny window.


      1. I went back to my own pictures and I have a picture of that cottage too. We were there in 2005! I loved all those places and thought it was such a quaint and darling town…and we had afternoon tea at Ashford Castle. I would go back in a heart beat. How fun to do a bicycle tour in Ireland. I loved loved loved it there.


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