Has There Ever Been A Time?

Our recorder ensemble concert was last Tuesday evening. My yoga class has heard about my rehearsals and concerts since I started yoga last January, and three women from my yoga class came to the concert. I can rarely coerce anyone to come listen to an hour of Renaissance recorder music, so it was a big thrill to have people I know in the audience.

This year the recorder ensemble co-director (who also plays in the harp ensemble) suggested that we play our harp solos during the recorder concert. In a moment of temporary insanity I agreed. So midway through the concert I played my arrangement of The Grenadier and The Lady, and lived to play the second half of the recorder concert.

After the concert, as my friends were telling me how much they enjoyed the music and the playing, Suzy took a step backwards, looked at me, and asked, “Has there ever been a time when you didn’t love music?”

The summer I started this blog, I was completely muddled about why I was taking harp lessons. I still couldn’t sit down at my harp and play anything, and I seemed to make no discernible progress towards ever successfully playing a tune for anyone. But I found an answer to why I persisted with lessons, with practice, with learning to sight-read, and with trying to teach my fingers how to move. I knew I was still plugging away so that someday, I could play music I love in a way that expressed the beauty, soul and feeling of the music, as well as my love for the music and the harp. That summer, someday felt very far away, more like a mirage flickering in the distance than a goal I would ever attain.

As I was answering Suzy I realized that somehow, a piece of that distant someday had come to life on this rainy November evening. Somehow, my love for the music we played, my love for the harp and the recorder, shone through. Somehow, the joy I feel when I am playing and when I am making music with others could be seen, despite shaking harp hands and mis-timed recorder entrances.  And although her question had already been answered, I joyfully told her, “No, there has never been a time that I did not love music.”


4 thoughts on “Has There Ever Been A Time?

  1. What a joy-filled post and a lovely story of your artistic journey. You caused me to pause, Janet, and ask myself a similar question, “Has there ever been at time when I didn’t love words?” My answer parallels your’s “No, I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t reading a book, then writing in journals, then poetry, most recently short stories and work on a novel and now blogging.” Again, like you, tonite a wonderful pal and fellow writer is attending the book launch of a collection of poetry I and 7 others have produced. We will have dinner first to calm my nerves in case I have to read!! Thanks for the reminder that we chase these crazymakers for the pure joy of it, Janet. Che


    1. Isn’t it wonderful to finally be able to see the continuous theme of one’s life – for you, words. For me, music (tho words are a close second.) Congratulations on your book launch! I hope that it went well. Janet


  2. So proud of you! I would have loved to have been at that concert…but call me quirky too because I love Renaissance music too! How great to see friends you know in the audience. Isn’t it nice to know that your “someday” gets closer and closer because you never gave in to giving up.


    1. I love your phrase “never gave in to giving up.” That pretty much sums up the most important decision to make when trying to learn something hard, something new, and something both hard and new. Janet


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