Weekly Photo Challenge: Family


Willow adopted me 14 yeas ago at a state park cabin at Hunting Island. As I was opening the door, she strolled in and jumped on the bed that I would sleep in that night. That’s where she’s slept ever since. In this photo she’s guarding my journal. Whenever I leave it on my bed she perches on it. Perhaps she’s the real origin of the writing that starts there and ends up in my blog.


9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

    1. All my best cats found me. Two showed up at my doorstep and moved in, without even waiting for an invitation. My dog found the third, a three-week old kitten, in a grassy ditch as we were on our early morning walk. What could I do but take her home? I keep reminding the universe that there are currently no cat vacancies at my house, so please, no more for now!


    1. She is truly my most faithful companion – right now she’s on my lap as I’m typing. She also likes to lie on her back, under my pulled back harp, and wrap her feet around the base of it. She loves those good vibrations.


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