Happy Birthday, Heart To Harp!

It’s incredible that one year ago today I posted my blog’s “About” page, and one year ago tomorrow I wrote my very first blog post. The passage of time becomes more and more non-linear the older I get. . . so not only do I feel like I’ve been doing this blog forever, but I also feel like it was no more than a few weeks ago that I started.

When, out of a conversation about how I figured out some harp technique, my friend Deb and my teacher suggested that I do a blog about learning to play the harp, I totally brushed them off. I remember saying, “Nobody is interested in what I would have to say about learning how to play the harp.” To which my teacher replied “You’re wrong! Other adult harp students would be very interested in your experiences. In fact, anyone trying to learn any instrument would be interested in how you’ve approached learning the harp as an adult.”

I didn’t believe her. I didn’t think that anyone would be interested enough in my harp journey to read something I might write about it. But her idea for doing a blog got planted in my brain anyway, and just would not leave me alone. So, a couple of weeks later, the blog name came to me while I was re-uping my caffeine level at the Habitat For Humanity coffeehouse around the corner from my old office. Then I found WordPress, and decided “what the hell, I’ll register a blog and see what happens.”

As in all things related to harp, my teacher was right. A year later, there’s been over 3000 page views of Heart To Harp, and so many wonderful comments from people who’ve read my blog – comments from those who are also on the harp and music journey, from friends who read to see what I’m up to, and from those who have stumbled onto my blog from posts about my garden, the weather, retirement, and the WordPress weekly photo challenges.

And I have stumbled upon wonderful blogs, read wonderful writing, and found kindred spirits amongst both other bloggers and the visitors to my blog who kindly share their thoughts and feelings in their comments.

In the midst of all the blog posts, all the writing, and all the sitting with my feelings and thinking about my experiences so I can write, I’ve found myself growing from an unsure, stumbling musician-wanna-be to become someone who most days claims being a musician who plays the harp. And the recorder. And who sings. And who loves it all, despite having yet to find the magic fairy dust that would make it easy.

So here’s to the start of year two, and the ongoing blogging adventure!


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Heart To Harp!

  1. Congratulations and Happy Birthday! As a newbie blogger, I am glad to know you have enjoyed your blogging experience. It has been a wonderful adventure for me so far, and I know I am just starting my journey. Wishing you many more blogging adventures!


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. You look like you are off to a good start with your bolg as well – I hope you will enjoy the blogging adventure as much as I have. I love your terrier post. I’m on cairn terrier #4 – everything you say is true!!! Janet


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