Starting Another Trip ‘Round The Sun

Yesterday was my 59th birthday – today I’m embarking on my 60th trip around the sun. (Thanks for fixing my counting, Nanci!) I thought entering the last year of my 50’s would feel a bit more monumental, but so far it doesn’t seem to be one of those high-profile birthdays, not like I anticipate changing decades again will be.

At last year’s birthday, I was anticipating knee surgery and retirement. Beyond that I had no idea what might happen in my new life. My journal entry on August 5th, one a year ago, reads:

“Who knows what another year will bring. In my working world, I could predict a constancy of scenery and activity, with one year likely being similar to another. This coming year, all the scripts are new, and I don’t know what story is being written. There’s room for the new and unimagined, for so many new adventures.”

When I think back to my last birthday and the year that’s rolled out since then, I realize that I’ve done so many things that I never could have imagined doing last August 4th. Doing watercolor journaling – not the slightest blip on the radar. Playing my harp for the retirement home Christmas party – completely unthought of. Taking voice lessons, enrolling in the chorus class at the community college, and then singing the Verdi Requiem – all a total surprise. Writing this blog – just a wee kernel of an idea suggested by my harp teacher, that I was still trying to ignore.

This past year reminds me that it’s impossible to anticipate all the adventures, wonders and possibilities that await me. I can hardly wait to see what this next trip around the sun has in store.


4 thoughts on “Starting Another Trip ‘Round The Sun

  1. or oops…maybe you meant you just turned 58 ?? Might have misread that… oh well your brain is staying young learning to play that harp, right?


    1. No, I really turned 59 – I’m just no good at that math stuff. It’s a good thing that I rarely have to count more than six beats in a measure! I’m off to edit my post……


  2. I just hit 59 in July too! But actually you and I are beginning our 60th year around the sun as we just finished our 59th year. That’s a bit more sobering or interesting however, one chooses to look at it. I choose the second one… šŸ™‚ Happy Birthday!


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