The Space Between The Beats

A realization in the aftermath of a busy day:  I need to live my life more aware of the enormity of space that exists between the beats of the metronome. No matter how fast the tempo, that space between the beats exists, full and alive with possibility.

I make myself tense and exhausted with my internal rushing of the beat, with pushing my tempo beyond what the measures of my life call for. When I pay attention to the space between the beats, I can slow down, breathe, relax, and have all the time I need before I move to the next beat, the next thing, the next whatever it is I think I must do. When I pay attention to the space between the beats, I have time to feel my life, time to feel joy, time to feel peace.

2 thoughts on “The Space Between The Beats

  1. Janet, thank you so, so much for the musical context. I have known for a while that much if not most of life happens between the beats, but I have not had such a beautiful and relevant way to conceptualize it. For example, our friendship began and evolved between the beats, and I cannot think of a greater treasure!
    I love it that the new photograph represents a time between the beats.


    1. I wish I could say that I planned posting the photo (so interesting that its time really is 12:18 and 1/2) and The Space Between the Beats together – it’s yet another moment of serendipity, that I didn’t even notice until you pointed it out.
      I am blessed and grateful that we’ve shared so many of those spaces between the beats.


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