Zen harp

Harp study is such a roller coaster ride through my feelings…all possible feeling states emerge during either practice or lessons. Joy, despair, triumph, incompetence, excitement, sadness – all triggered by how well my fingers move to play a passage, a measure, a single note.

Such a school room for just noticing, “ah, that’s fear, now, frustration, oh look, there’s happiness, now frustration again.” And it’s an advanced placement class for seeing and being aware of just how ephemeral feelings truly are – they come, they go, one changes into another – if and when I am not holding on to one for evidence that I’m capable/incapable, talented/untalented, musical/unmusical, brilliant/the worst harp student ever.

Endless variety, and endless opportunities to practice noticing and letting go.


2 thoughts on “Zen harp

  1. Yes it is a rollercoaster ride but also it is an escape from the normal stress of day-to-day life. That’s what I’ve increasingly found anyway. Good practice makes the chatter in my head about all the little things I have to get done fade away.


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